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What to Expect On Your Journey

At the trailhead, we begin with our signature ECE pack. What is this, you ask? It's a unique blend of leadership coaching, inner healing, and prophetic ministry with the potential to LAUNCH you forward in life! On this journey, we explore key areas of your life to uplevel and sharpen while having fun on the way. It's time for your grand adventure of self-discovery into your God-given identity, purpose, and destiny!

People pleasing is not your portion. You can give a confident “yes” and a confident “no.” You won’t be caught in the cross-fire of obligation, with overwhelm and distraction anymore.

You will learn to take care of yourself emotionally and your physical health will follow. Emotional strength will follow into decisive action in physical health.

You will have a next-level wholeness where you will be congruent with yourself in every area. You will be the same person in front of others as you are alone.

When you learn to really hear Jesus and are confident in knowing His voice, you are no longer speculating. You KNOW HIM because you are talking with Him. You won’t be saying things like “Was that really what He said?” Not anymore!

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What Our Clients Say

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Amber L.

Nine weeks ago, I decided to give this Coaching thing a chance. I knew I was in good hands with Rebecca as my coach, so I jumped right in! I committed to doing the work and being real with myself because I wanted to get everything out of these 10 weeks that I could

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