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The Full Story

Peak Trail

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Do you have a heart for adventure to new, exciting destinations? Are you longing to chase after the dreams God has placed in your heart? Look no further. The main trail will lead you to find and step into your full identity in all of the major areas of life. You will then see from the glorious mountaintop view all the things God has for you and will leave with a plan to truly lay hold of them.

Co-Authored by Rebecca & Dan Misek

Main Mountain Trail

Get Set Free

Get set free to be completely yourself ( your God -given identity and destiny) in these areas and more

  • Next level wholeness

  • Bust off the chains of Poverty and lack mindsets

  • Pursuing life with a spirit of adventure

  • Overcoming ruts and obstacles

  • Launching ahead with renewed energy

  • Finding your life’s mission (and getting paid for it)

  • You will flourish  in healthy relationship with God, with others, and your relationship with yourself.

Be In The Driver's Seat

The greatest part is that YOU are in the driver’s seat, to go after the things most important in your life, and the Arrow’s Edge Team is here to support you and guide you to a joy-filled life, overflowing with gratitude and blessings. Join us for the greatest adventure of your life, empowering you to run with Jesus like never before!

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