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Amber Long
Created By Amber Long

Proclamation Pathway 

Jesus came to proclaim freedom to the captives and we have the privilege of doing the same. In order to proclaim freedom, we need to experience it and own it first! Proclamation Pathway is designed to assist you as you walk in more and more freedom and allow each new level of freedom to be a proclamation in your life of all that Jesus is doing in you! 

This 8 week journey starts with an inner healing session, in which you will hear directly from Jesus on the areas He is desiring you to be free in! Each of the following weeks will look at specific areas that you might need to upgrade your thinking and deal with old mindsets, so that you can truly walk forward in freedom and proclaim His goodness with your life!


Take the Proclamation Pathway and start on your inner healing journey today. Let's connect.

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