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From Bleeding to Healing: The Prophetic Word of Renewal in Seasons of Depletion

Do you feel like you are bleeding in this season?

Right now, many of you feel like you are just bleeding.

A woman praying

Bleeding Emotionally.

Bleeding money.

Bleeding your time

You feel like you are bleeding. What you feel are all of your resources and your strength.

I had an encounter with the Lord where He showed me the wounds on His hands from when He hung on the cross.

He was His usual self: calm, happy, friendly, and welcoming.

It didn’t seem to be a wound in His hands anymore. It seemed to be a simple matter of fact.

I asked Him, “What do you want me to know about this?”

After I asked that question, I saw His hands cupped and filling with Blood. Super curious at this point, I again asked Him, “ Jesus, what do you want me to know about this?

Instead of telling me, He asked me, “ What is the purpose of bleeding?”

When He said that, I had thoughts about the whole thing, but I decided to google it to see what others had to say. When researching, I found that the purpose of blood is that it transports nutrients, hormones, etc, regulates temperature, and it protects.

Transportation, Regulation, and Protection…That made me think about how blood rushes to a wound and the reason it does that to heal it.

But what happens when there is too much bleeding?

How do you make it stop?

Ahhh yes, You put pressure on it.

The prophetic word the Lord is releasing over the church:

Bible with a heart in the center of it

God is putting pressure on it, He is putting His thumb on that thing that feels like excessive bleeding.

It’s not for the purpose of destroying or that something is dying.. NO! The purpose of the pressure is for that thing to be healed!

You will be healed in your finances and your mindsets around them.

You will be healed in your emotions as you let Him do His work in you.

You will be healed in your time as He trains you in priority!

Then He showed me the church at large and how it has had a lot going on. It’s bleeding, too!

But he says what looks like it is dying is actually healing. Embrace the pressure and watch me move in it!

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