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Why I Chose Life Coaching …

By Christi Wilson


At the end of 2022, I found myself at a point in my life where my husband and I both were facing retirement age within just a few months. I was an empty nester already. I had been working from home for 3 years; and to be honest, I had NO idea what life had in store for me for the remainder of it.

I was feeling very aimless about my life. I had no children or grandchildren to take care of. I would no longer be working because I had planned to retire from my job within a couple of months. My husband and I talked about things that we wanted to do; but we just felt like there was no real plan in place.

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A friend of mine had told me about Arrow’s Edge Coaching. I considered doing some coaching, but truthfully, I had no clue what coaching even was, let alone how to do it! This is where Rebecca comes into place.

I booked a consultation with Rebecca just to get an idea of what coaching was all about. She explained to me that coaching was a way of helping others reach goals they had or help put goals into places of which I hadn’t even thought. It was a way of looking at life through different lenses to help you get a better picture of where you wanted to be in life. I booked my sessions with Rebecca with great anticipation!

The first time I met with Rebecca, I told her we were about to retire within a few months and that we eventually wanted to do some traveling; but from there, I had no idea what to do with my life. I also told her that I felt a little lost. I’m a wife for 20+ years, a mother of four, grandmother and great-grandmother. My kids all have families of their own, which meant I no longer had anyone to take care of.

I am involved with women’s ministry at my church, and I do some occasional community services, but other than that, my life was pretty boring. I felt I had lost my identity and didn’t really have a purpose in life. As daunting as it may sound, I started thinking about how many more years I had left to live and what I was going to do with those years. I wanted something that was going to bring meaning, not only into my own life, but into the lives of others, as well. I really needed some clarity in my life.

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Rebecca started by asking me what I wanted out of life. The sessions were followed up with weekly assignments that I had to complete that truly helped me dig deeper into my own wants and goals. Each week that we met, she was able to help me see what needed to be done to reach my goals, i.e., were my finances in place, what would I need to do in order to start traveling, did I have a list of places I wanted to visit, did I include my family into those goals, etc.

I started putting together a list of places that my husband and I had talked about visiting. We looked over our finances and saw that we were definitely in a place where we could truly fit traveling into our lives. But I also began to look at things that I was doing that I could remove from my life to open up other areas in order to reach my goals.

I remember one day during one of our sessions, it hit me that I had been holding onto a grudge, unforgiveness, for something that had happened to me 12 years prior. This was a deep wound that I had not been able to let go of. After explaining what that grudge was, Rebecca was able to walk me through some exercises that helped me see the truth in that situation. After 12 long years of suffering from that ugly hurt, I was finally able to let go of that hurt and walk in freedom! I never even expected this situation to be a part of my coaching! But the Lord knew better than I did, and He purposely mentioned that hurt into my coaching sessions so I could deal with it and heal from it! I am so very thankful for that! God is so good!

Rebecca and I met for twelve sessions. During those sessions, I was able to discover who I am, what my goals in life are, how to break down those goals into bite-sized pieces, and how to obtain those goals. I was able to find freedom in areas of my life that I never dreamed I would. I was able to find me, once again. Through a few of the sessions with Rebecca, I found her to be patient and loving. She always listened to me. I “knew” she was hearing me! She understood me, my fears, my anxieties for the future, etc. She was able to meet every need that I had regarding coaching…and then some!

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This month, my husband and I began shopping for an RV! We are so extremely excited to begin this next phase of our lives! Now, instead of being afraid of the future, we look forward to it.

Arrow’s Edge Coaching has been such a godsend to me. It is an investment in myself that I will never regret! I would highly recommend Arrow’s Edge Coaching to anyone who may just need clarification, goals, or direction for their life. Maybe you’re struggling in an area that you just haven’t been able to put an end-in-site into.

Arrow’s Edge offers different coaches for different needs. I would suggest making that first consultation call to see if coaching could be something from which you would benefit. I am extremely glad I made that first call! I’m sure you will be too!



For more information on how Life Coaching can enhance your life, reach out to Arrow's Edge Coaching at


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