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God gave me a word. Now what? Stewarding prophetic words by Coach Amber

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Fewer things are more awesome than having someone deliver a prophetic word to you! Knowing God was talking to someone else about you is exciting and confidence-building! If you are anything like me, it's almost like butterflies in your stomach because it's a tangible outpouring of God's love for you! 

So the word is delivered and feels great, but now what? 

Prophetic words aren't just meant to give us a warm, fuzzy feeling. There is a greater purpose to it when God speaks. And we'd do well to learn how to steward these words. 

I believe that as we learn to steward these words from God, it will enlarge our capacity to hold more revelations from Him, and revelations are one of the fastest ways we get to know Him. 

Therefore, if you want to know God more, learning to steward His words in your life seems like an excellent place to start. 

Check this out: a definition of steward is to manage or look after another's property. Did you catch that? Manage another's property. 

So, stewarding prophetic words means managing what God says about you and your life! That empowers you. How will you manage what He has said about you? 

And the definition of manage is to be in charge of or administer. A similar phrase is to' take forward.' 

Now we're getting somewhere!

These are God's words, His thoughts, His plans. 

He is giving them to us to take forward! 

It seems like the parable of the talents in Matthew 25, eh? 

To recap that story: A man is going on a journey and calls to himself three servants. He gives the first servant five talents, the next guy gets 2, and the last gets 1. Then, the man leaves and is gone for a long time. The servant with five talents sets out to multiply what he's been given! The second servant does the same thing. The last guy gets so scared that he buries his master's talent until his master returns. 

When the master comes home, with whom is he pleased? 

Spoiler alert: not the man that buried the talent! 

Verse 29 says, "For to everyone who has, more shall be given, and he will have an abundance." 

Have you ever known someone who seems to have a plethora of prophetic words over their life? Ever wonder why God talks so much to and about them? 

Does it have something to do with how they steward the words they receive? 

So I'm asking it: What have you done with the words you've received? How are you managing them? What are you doing to partner with God to bring them forward? 

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Or are those words sitting on a shelf while you wait on God for a big move to

bring them to pass? Bill Johnson often says, "We're not waiting on heaven; heaven is waiting on you." 

I recently heard that God is not a micromanaging God, but He is a loving Father! And that hit my heart. God doesn't want to formulate your every step, but He invites you to take some steps! 

Maybe He has given you these words and trusts you to do something with them. Perhaps He is charging you with the process, and He's excited to see what you will do next! 

So how do you start? How about a simple prayer that might sound like this:

Father God, 

Thank you for your voice in my life. Thank you for speaking to me through these powerful words. I agree with what you've said about me and my future. I say, "Amen" or "Let it be so" concerning this word (say the word out loud here). I receive everything You have for me. 

Father, what do I need to do to prepare myself for what you've called me to? 

(Partner with God for one or two action steps you can take to prepare yourself. Remember, no action step is too small). 

Holy Spirit, give me the grace and the courage as I step out and take this action. (Say the action out loud). 

In Jesus name,


Here are a couple of things to keep in mind: 

*Find a trusted friend (or coach!) who will celebrate with you and encourage you as you take action steps.

*Write 2-3 declarations based on the word you've received and say those declarations out loud daily. 

*Remember that we call an apple tree an apple tree before it produces its first apple, so even if these declarations seem a long way off, continue to declare them! As long as you stay connected to Jesus, you will bear fruit! (John 15:4) 

Have fun as you learn to steward these words from God in your life! 


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Thank you so much for sharing this! I love what you said here: "Or are those words sitting on a shelf while you wait on God for a big move to bring them to pass?" I don't want what God has said to me to sit on a shelf! I'm moving forward with what He has told me!! <3

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