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Prophetic Words: Discerning the Source by Coach Jessica

Coach Jessica

We've all experienced the profound impact of words, especially within the church community. Sometimes, these words come as a source of encouragement, while at other times, they can leave scars. In this exploration of prophetic words, I want to share my journey—filled with both heartbreak and the miraculous.

When People Get In The Way:

As a teenager deeply involved in my church, I encountered a season where prophetic words shaped my path. People spoke into the powerful ministry my then-boyfriend and I were destined to have. The intentions were good, but the outcome wasn't. When that relationship unexpectedly crumbled after 6.5 years, it crippled me. The well-intentioned prophetic words, rather than building me up, led to a 7-year break in my journey of faith.

Rediscovering Celebratory Joy:

Fast forward to a season where I sought the restoration of joy in my life. God, in His mysterious ways, led me quite abruptly to a prayer service in my hometown. On the way, God was speaking to me about reminding me of who I am in this old territory. Little did I know that this journey would bring me back to the very building where I first encountered the baptism of the Holy Spirit. I cannot express the feeling when the pastor greeted me and said that God told him tonight was all about joy and that they just needed to have a party! The details were so specific—party hats, streamers, and an unexpected conga line. It was a night of restoration of the joy of my salvation, a confirmation that God was speaking to me.

The Red Jeep:

red jeep

During that service, a prophetic word spoken over me painted a vivid picture of a red Jeep navigating challenging terrain up a hill with many obstacles. It symbolized how I have been designed specifically to overcome these obstacles, a message tailor-made for my struggles at that time, as well as a pretty accurate description of the condition of the road I live on. The specificity of this revelation left no doubt—it was God's voice reaching directly into my situation.

Discerning Prophetic Words:

But how do we discern if a prophetic word is genuinely from God? The key lies in testing every word against the nature and patterns of God as revealed in scripture. Our understanding of the Bible becomes our compass in distinguishing the divine from the well-intentioned yet misguided. Don't struggle to hear from God while your Bible remains closed on the shelf. The Word of God is the FIRST place we look for the voice of God in our lives. How can you recognize His voice among the rest if you don't know the kinds of things God says? We have to become intimately familiar with the character and personality of our God as revealed through scripture.

Submission to Jesus:

The true voice of God will always lead us back to Jesus. My past experience was a lesson learned—I allowed a word to confirm my own desires and I ran with it, dragging my concept of Jesus along with me. I didn't even realize it until years later, that I had decided to follow this guy and the plans we were making for ourselves and making Jesus a part of MY plans. I stopped submitting my desires to Jesus and I didn't even realize how far out on a limb I had gone until the branch snapped and I had nothing to fall back on. Now, I recognize the subtle shift and the importance of submitting my desires to Jesus, letting Him guide the way.

The Importance of Confirmation:

A crucial realization on my journey is that God always confirms His word. Seeking Him in prayer and allowing Him to clarify and confirm, is vital. In contrast to my younger self, who clung tightly to words that seemed good to me without seeking God's perspective, now I take time to sit with each revelation. I hold it lightly and seek the Giver more than the gift.

Testing Prophecy:

To correctly test a prophetic word, it requires time and humility. Take it to God, seek His character in scripture, release pre-conceived notions, and ask for confirmation. The process may unfold over time, but seeking God with our whole heart ensures we find Him.

In this practice of discerning prophetic words, remain anchored in the truth of God's Word. It's not about rejecting prophetic insights; it's about discerning their alignment with the heart of God. Throughout my own journey, I found that God speaks in stereo—through His word and the confirmations He provides. He has called us to be vigilant, discerning, and above all, seekers of His truth in every prophetic encounter.

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Christi Wilson
Christi Wilson
30 de jan.

I love what you said here: "it's about discerning their alignment with the heart of God." and here: "He has called us to be vigilant, discerning, and above all, seekers of His truth in every prophetic encounter." Such a great reminder!! Thank you!!!

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