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Prophetic Word for 2024 by Coach Rebecca

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What would it look like if you spent one year purposely focusing on your identity so you could lay hold of all God has for you?

Think about it… one year of investment = 20+ more years of alignment and thriving… Is it worth it?

Here is the prophetic word for 2024

2024 Unshakable identity

The Lord highlighted Psalm 119 verse 1 in the TPT

You’re only truly happy when you walk in total integrity, walking in the light of God’s word.

Integrity: Tamiym ( Pronounced taw-meem) Without blemish, complete, whole

This year, the Lord is giving us a pathway to true Kingdom Delight through stepping into wholeness / Integrity.  This wholeness and integrity with who we are called to be will come through intimacy, Relationship, And freedom.

As we step into what the Lord has for us, we will be able to be completely ourselves (unshakable identity) despite our circumstances.

The Path

gravel trail with trees

A few months ago, the Lord asked me a rather jolting question. He said, “Why am I so easily displaced off of schedules?”In my life,  I saw how I’d put time with the

Lord on my calendar and work schedule, but I often allowed meetings or work to overlap and remove time from that. I quickly changed my mind and created a boundary around my one-on-one time with Jesus. I believe the Lord is speaking this over His people for this year.

In 2024, The Lord is calling us to the garden.

garden bench with flowers

The Lord is calling His kids back to the Garden. The garden is the place where all the sustenance is found. Where we (His kids) walk with Him in the cool of the morning, this is a place of strategy and authority but also peace, flow, and rhythm.  It’s a place of ruling and reigning. The garden is a place where we get to partner with the Lord, where our work is fun and enjoyable, and we get to see Him delight with us in what we are doing.

This is a season where the Lord breaks off the orphan spirit of striving and brings us to a place where the hustle that we have always known won’t work anymore. Once we break free from that mindset, we can step into our natural state of being sons and daughters. It is from this place of stillness and intimacy that strategies come where we will get to work smarter instead of harder.

Unshakable trust: One-on-one time must change shape

man jumping a pond

In this season, the verse Romans 12:2 strongly comes into play.

Romans 12:2: Stop imitating the ideas and opinions of the culture around you, but be inwardly transformed by the Holy Spirit through a total reformation of how you think.

I see a change in how we spend time in the spirit. It will look different than it ever has before. It is a time to sit in the stillness without an agenda and ask Jesus what He wants to say to us each day. Allow Jesus to provide you with Heaven's strategies to rise above your circumstances and stand in your Christ-given authority over the strategies of the enemy. He asks us to sit and ask him first what we need to believe—followed by what do I need to know? And only then will He show us what we need To do."

This is where we will want to keep an eye out and ear open for strategies and things that look almost too simple; this is exactly where a huge impact will come from. This is where we walk with the Lord in the cool of the morning just to be. One byproduct of spending time in the garden is you leave looking different, thinking different, and acting different. A fruit of spending those moments with Jesus is that You will grow in unshakable trust with Him.

Those returning to the garden will gain a mile for every minute spent.

The Lord is breaking off the Fear of Man and calling his people into their true identity.

linking arms

I see a linking of arms in the body of Christ.

A dismantling of partnerships that were for personal gain. The time for hopping relationships like leapfrog going to each person who can help you get to where you are going has ended. This is a time when the Lord is shuffling relationships like a deck of cards.

Keep your eyes open. The Lord will identify who is to be with you in this season. I see Him giving each person a filter or a way to test whether the relationship is from Him or not from Him.

For months, I’ve heard the old Girl Scout song, “ Make new friends, but keep the Old; one is silver and the other Gold.” This is a time and season where we treasure the few that have been with us since the beginning. New relationships will come, and they are beautiful and to be treasured, but it’s also the time to be grateful for our long-time covenant friendships.

Short form:

IN 2024, the Lord is calling us back to the Garden to walk with Him in the cool of the morning. Our level of intimacy must change shape, and if we allow that to shift and change, letting go of what we have always done, there will be a huge gain for very little effort. There is a shift in relationships. No longer for personal gain, the Lord will be shuffling your relationships like a deck of cards. There is a blessing and discernment from the Lord for divine Spirit-lead relationships during this season.

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I can't even begin to tell you how very much this word spoke to my heart! It was total confirmation on things that the Lord has been speaking to me about! I was in tears throughout the whole message! Thank you so much for sharing!

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