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Next Level Wholeness: Healing Emotional Wounds that Block Connection to Jesus

By Coach Amber Long

How is your heart? Go ahead and take a moment to peek inside and see what is going on inside of you. 

Are you anxious? Nervous? Overwhelmed? Sad? Afraid? Angry? Confused? 

Where is peace present? Where is peace missing?

How big is your capacity for joy? How full is it? 

Are there certain people that when you think of them you feel disgust? Or shame? People that you’d like to avoid altogether? 

And what about your thoughts? What’s going on inside of your head? 

Are there so loud thoughts that you can’t hear anything else? Thoughts that cause you to isolate and disconnect from others or Jesus? Maybe thoughts that don’t make any sense. 

I will tell you something you already know: you live in a fallen world, surrounded by people who are doing their best, learning and growing but making mistakes and messes. And because of that, hearts get hurt. Your heart has been broken somewhere along the way.


Sometimes, the hurt comes from something wrong that happens to you. This can include abuse, violence, name-calling, or even abandonment. Sometimes, evil people do evil things, hurting more than just your body; it leaves a mark on your heart. 

Sometimes, the hurt comes from the absence of something good or necessary for your proper development. This can include emotionally unavailable parent(s) or overly involved parents who forget to empower you to make decisions for yourself. It can also be a lack of attention or affection or even a lack of age-appropriate boundaries. The absence of these needed things can leave you emotionally immature and with a wounded heart. 

Sometimes, the hurt comes through comparison to others. Heart wounds happen here when we compare ourselves to others and find ourselves lacking. These comparisons open the door for lies about our identity and cause a wounded heart. 

And sometimes, the wounds are wounds of perception. Are you aware that your emotions don’t respond to reality but rather to what you believe about reality? There’s a story I heard (I cannot remember where I read this story) about a young woman who grew up believing that she wasn’t worth celebrating. During an inner healing session, she recalled the day before her 6th birthday. Her parents were busy and distracted, and they sent her away to be with her grandparents. She thought her parents were too busy for her and she wasn’t worth celebrating. The reality? Her parents had been planning a surprise party for her! Her perception of being sent away the night before her birthday caused a deep wound in her heart. *

Wounds happen. But...


There is good news! You don’t have to stay wounded! 

Jesus died on the cross so you could be saved, healed, and delivered! He paid the price for your freedom and wholeness! 

In Psalm 103: 3-4, King David says: 

“And forget none of His benefits; 

Who pardons all your iniquities (He forgives your sins, heals your soul)

Who heals all of your diseases (He heals your body)

Who redeems your life from the pit (He sets your spirit right with His)

Who crowns you with loving kindness and compassion?”

Isaiah 53:5

But He (Jesus) was pierced through for our transgressions, He was crushed for our iniquities; The chastening for our well-being fell upon Him, And by His scourging, we are healed.

Again, in this verse, we see Jesus paid the price for your soul to be healed, your body to be healed, and your spirit to be healed or made right with Him. 

So, yes, wounds happen, but you don’t have to stay wounded. You can discover next-level wholeness by letting Jesus heal the wounds in your heart. And as you walk in new levels of wholeness, I believe you have a greater capacity to carry the weight of God’s glory into every place you go!  

Imagine not letting your healing journey stop here but digging in with Jesus to access more healing, maturity, and wholeness. Imagine living your life, having relationships, and dreaming with Jesus with a whole heart

What if you recognized peace and joy when you peeked inside your heart? What if you were excited to be with people, no matter what happened in the past, because you were living out of a healthy heart? What if you knew the truth and those thoughts that don’t match up to the truth, and you were able to simply let them go? 

This has the power to literally change your life, relationships, and even the Kingdom of God! 

An inner healing session at Arrow’s Edge Coaching can help you uncover the emotional wounds that keep you stuck or disconnected from Jesus, others, or yourself. You will also discover some lies that you started believing along the way. The enemy wants you to continue to believe these lies because these lies will keep you small and focused on the wrong things. 

In an inner healing session, you will release forgiveness to those who have hurt you; you will forgive yourself and hear from Jesus His truths that will set you free! (John 8:32) 

No matter where you are on your journey towards maturity (which is looking like Jesus, right?) and wholeness, an inner healing session will help to spur you on. 

Come on and see how inner healing can strengthen your connection with Jesus. 

Email me today to find out how to schedule your inner healing session! 

*4 Types of Wounds from Dr Marcus Warner’s book: “Understanding the Wounded Heart”


Coach Amber Long
Coach Amber

Not only is Amber Long a wife and mother, she is a sought after inner healing pastor and certified Christian leadership coach. Trained in Sozo for inner healing, she uses those tools along with her coaches' training and leadership experience to help others learn to walk in the freedom that Jesus paid for!

You can reach her at

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Wow, emotions can run deep! Love bonds can be complex, but healing them is so rewarding. 💖 Your journey to unlock love sounds powerful.


Kelaiah Daws
Kelaiah Daws

Such a beautiful and encouraging post, Coach Amber!

Inner healing is so necessary and extremely helpful in overcoming the lies of the enemy, encountering Father God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit, and receiving true healing and freedom that Jesus already paid for! What a gift it is to be loved by Him!


You said, "Imagine not letting your healing journey stop here but digging in with Jesus to access more healing, maturity, and wholeness. Imagine living your life, having relationships, and dreaming with Jesus with a whole heart! " What a beautiful picture! That's why coaching is so very important. Sometimes we just need help in getting over the things that are holding us back. There is absolutely nothing wrong with asking for help. Such a beautiful post, Coach Amber!

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