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Finding Myself in the Chaos

 By: Jessica Wilson, Life Coach, Arrow's Edge Coaching

My story starts with feeling lost in the chaos of being a stay-at-home mom during COVID after being a career woman all my adult life. Suddenly, I was homeschooling four kids. While I was happy to be with them, I was not emotionally prepared for the shift. I think I handled it well in many ways, but some misalignments caused greater problems for me personally over time.

My insecurities began to show in new ways, and my attempts to please everyone were symptoms of deeper issues of unresolved shame. Still, I knew there was a calling in my life; I just didn’t understand the extent of it. At that point, I thought my BIG calling was to write a book. Now, I look back and think how cute my little dreams were back then!

The Turning Point: Meeting Coach Rebecca

That is when Coach Rebecca found me. I was spinning but determined, and I worked with her for three months. Many weights fell off me during that time. There was a renewed passion to fulfill my purpose, and my dreams only got bigger.

Crafting a New Path: Through Monumental Action Plans

As I felt a calling on my life, I leaned on what I had learned in life coaching with Rebecca and started making a plan with actionable goals, just as it is laid out in the Monumental Action Plan (MAP) Guide. (Click on the link to purchase your copy of the MAP Guide).

The action steps took me on a journey that began by sitting at the feet of Jesus and listening to His leading as He revealed visions and strategies for things to come. I had no idea how to make those things happen, but I knew I had to start doing something in that direction. Eventually, the path led me to become a life coach myself. It wasn’t my first idea or even my second. God had to take me around the bush a couple of times before I realized where He was leading me.

 The Quest for Solutions

When all of this started, I was overwhelmed and not sorting through my emotions well. Through all that I had learned, I was on a constant journey of discovery and inner healing, and I still am today. I found many tools and resources along the way; some worked, others didn't. The frustration I had was that the resources out there were so scattered. Sorting through all the opinions and finding the actual tools that worked was not easy. Many inner healing topics had influences from new age or Eastern religions that did not align with biblical beliefs. I adapted tools that worked and learned from various resources until I could find progress in my head and heart.

 Turning Pain into Purpose

There was a point where I felt what I had found was not just for me. I felt a burden to find ways of sharing it to help others through this messy maze. As I stepped out into the unknown, still battling insecurity, I began to see doors open that I never asked for and never would have dreamed would be for me. I kept walking through these doors, drawn by the calling in my heart to make an impact on the kingdom of God. I completed my certification in coaching and joined forces with Rebecca, Amber, and the team at Arrow's Edge. We share a vision and have been on a mission to be obedient to the call of God on our lives and pursue this great vision of coaching people through the process that transformed my life and so many others. Now, it only gets better because we all bring our experience and spiritual giftings to the table to make the process that much more impactful.

 The Shift: Taking Ownership of God’s Calling on My Life

At Arrow’s Edge, we have a calling and a mission to fulfill. We know that God doesn't write checks He can't cash, as my pastor Rob Rucci says. When God gives you a calling, He won't leave you high and dry. He will give you the resources you need. The question is, are you using those resources for your calling, or are they getting used up by other pursuits?

That is what I did for years. I didn't know I was doing it, but I was a poor steward of the time and resources that God had given me. I used them up on things I thought were important because of my insecurities and lack of intentional planning. I was greatly convicted when I realized that God had already given me what I needed to take the next step, and the only thing holding me back was me. I had to repent and align myself with God's truth. I had to seek clarity and revelation over situations that were taking a lot of my time and resources. I had to get perspective and decide what mattered most. Only then could I begin to move forward rather than treading water.

The MAP Bundle: Tested Tools and Proven Strategies for Real-Life

The tools in this MAP bundle are the same concepts and strategies that kept me moving forward and focused with my eyes on the prize, which is not here on earth. I know that God has brought me through some really tough stuff in the past few years, and this year has been filled with challenges in my personal and professional life. I know without a shadow of a doubt that God has called me to share my story and the strategies and concepts that helped me overcome the insurmountable obstacles I have faced.

Developing and releasing this MAP Bundle is one of the ways I am following that call. These tools and strategies are tested and proven in my own life and much of this comes from the tools used in the Arrow’s Edge coaching approach for years. Now you get to experience it in a beautiful digital planner format. Click HERE to purchase your copy of the Monumental Action Planner.


What Living in Freedom Looks Like

My life circumstances are still not all sunshine and rainbows, but I am still smiling! I still face huge life issues every day, but I am confident in who I am and what I am called to do! I still have chaos and drama that try to touch my last nerve, but I am not taking on the weight of other people's actions or opinions! I am FREE! Not because I am so great—not even hardly. No, it is all because of what Christ has done in me! He gets all the glory for the smile on my face!

Unshakable: Resilience in the Face of Struggles

Even when I struggle to smile, I know who to lean on, and no fear in my heart can stand in the presence of my God. I know where I belong, and that is the confidence I want to share with others. I want to help others gain an unshakable identity and resilience in the face of struggles. There is peace, even in the chaos. There is joy, even in the mourning. There is abundance, even when there is physical lack. I have learned to be content with all things. Not because of what I can do, but because I know what God can do, and His rod and His staff comfort me.

God’s Calling You: You Are Without Excuses

I want to invite you to take a chance. Take a chance to open up your heart to the visions and dreams that God has placed inside you. There is a calling in each one of us. It may be buried, but all you have to do is call, and I will come with my shovel to help you uncover that calling in your life. God didn't leave you out when He was writing the pages of your life as described in Psalm 139. You got your pages written just the same as I did. So, let's seek God for His heavenly solutions. There are solutions, you know.

God is never in checkmate. He always has a move, so you are never truly stuck! You just need to learn how to receive what God is trying to show you. There is a shift that happens when we learn to be still in His presence and receive from Him, rather than thinking that we have to fill the air with worship and long prayers to say we have spent time with God. There is an enormous part of the conversation missing when we are doing all the talking. I would much rather hear what God has to say. This is just one of the skills and practices that we teach and model at Arrow's Edge.

Trusting God's Timing

We are here because this is where God has placed us. I knew something was holding me back from really running with all the ideas I had come up with before. The point is, I had to trust God's timing on this and not try to make it happen myself. And here we are. Now is the time! And boy, is it flowing out of me now that I am released to go for it. I just hope this is getting through to someone today. There is a time and a season for everything. This season for me has been years... So, it can get long, expensive, and exhausting...anyone relate?

But, God is never late. He is always right on time. So, I encourage you to rise like the eagle, soar on the pressurized fronts of the storm above the turbulence, keep your eyes on things above, and you won't be moved by the happenings of this world. You will be far too invested in the eternal outcomes to be bothered by the physical realities of the situation here. Not to say you don't care, but it is just in its proper perspective. You are free to make the moves you need to make because no matter what happens, God is with you, and you belong to Him. That is all that matters in the end. It put so much in perspective when I learned that!

Discover the Unshakable Life Community

There is so much in me that needs to get out, and I am so glad that I now have a powerful outlet for the teaching and training that God has burdened me to share with you all! Soon, we will be announcing the opening of the Unshakable Life Community. This is our subscription group where the coaches at Arrow's Edge go live once a week and teach, equip, and talk through all of this stuff, life stuff, and help people see themselves through the lens of God's unfailing love. It is a beautiful place of discipleship and outpouring of personal attention and being part of a family, like the body of Christ is meant to be. Look out for more information about this exciting new opportunity within the services provided at Arrow’s Edge. 

Embrace the Full Coaching Experience

We have more to offer for those who are interested in the full coaching experience. With more exciting news coming soon, we have new ways to partner with us at varying degrees of proximity and a mix of group and one-on-one services. But there are always individual or bundled one-on-one coaching sessions available with me or any of our coaches available now.

Get the Arrow’s Edge: Connect with us Today

If you are moved by my story of transformation and would like to connect with us, we would love to talk to you about how we can serve you and help you live out your purpose on purpose. Together, we can sharpen the focus and build a Monumental Action Plan that will change the trajectory of your life. Aim high and shoot for your destiny. We will help you hold the bow.


Meet Coach Jessica Wilson Mindset & Life Coach of Arrow’s Edge

Jessica Wilson is a busy wife and mom and is a dedicated Christian mindset and life coach. Her passion is in guiding overwhelmed Christians into a connected walk with the Lord. With a certification in leadership coaching underway, in addition to her own experience overcoming life's many challenges, her mission is to help people get off the hamster wheel of the daily grind and start putting their feet to their faith in moving forward towards peace and purpose.

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