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Exposure: Navigating Life's High Stakes Moments with Confidence

Imagine you're on a narrow mountain trail, where each step forward is a test of your resolve. This is called an "exposure" in hiking—a critical moment where the path is so precarious that a misstep could be catastrophic. This was the exact challenge I faced on a daunting peak hike, confronting a sheer drop that could end it all.

 As someone who battles a powerful fear of heights, I found myself at a pivotal moment where turning back felt just as likely as pushing forward.

But in that moment of intense fear, I realized something profound. God often calls His achievers, trailblazers, His pioneers—those like you who are determined to make a difference and influence the world—to walk such high, risky paths. The pressure builds, our "ears pop" as we climb higher, and we face our own “exposure."

When I was on that thin trail, here's what got me through:

  • Choosing a Focal Point: I focused on just the next step, not the entire daunting path ahead.

  • Selecting My Mindset: I decided. I chose that I would make it, reminding myself that others had succeeded on this same path.

  • Knowing My Objective: My goal was clear—to reach the peak. This single-minded determination made me unstoppable.

  • Relying on Support: Crucially, I wasn't alone. I had a guide, a friend who stayed by my side, offering guidance and peace of mind.

This experience is a powerful metaphor for life, especially when you are driven to impact and lead. At times, the fear of "what if I fail?" can be paralyzing, making you want to turn back or freeze in place.

Here's where Arrow’s Edge Coaching comes in. We understand the challenges and fears that come with reaching new heights in life and leadership. Like a trusted guide on a treacherous mountain trail, our coaches are here to navigate you through those exposed, intimidating sections of your journey.

We invite you to join us on the hike of your life. With Arrow’s Edge Coaching, you'll find the courage to face tough challenges, the focus to move forward step by step, and the support to survive the journey, thrive, and reach your peak.

Don’t face your exposures alone. Let us help you master the precarious paths and reach new heights faster and with peace. Connect with Arrow’s Edge Coaching today, and let’s conquer those peaks together.

- Rebecca 

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