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Another Face In the Crowd

As I was walking through The Arrow's Edge Main Trail Coaching adventure with my client, Amy Bridges, she was deep into writing her book titled "ANOTHER FACE IN THE CROWD." During our sessions, my prophetic insights were exceptionally vivid. Often, I prophetically "feel" and experience the emotions and circumstances of those I mentor, but this time was markedly different.

Throughout our walks, a resonant message weighed on my heart: I could feel the profound cry of those destined to read her book, a silent plea saying, "I don't want to be just another face in the crowd!" At the time, I was unaware that these very words not only defined her narrative but also named her book. This revelation struck a chord within me, reinforcing the key core value of my business: Relationship is Everything.

At Arrow's Edge, we commit wholeheartedly to ensuring our clients feel seen, heard, and deeply understood—not only by us but, most importantly, by God through our coaching adventures.

I remember a moment when her book was ready to be published. It was the session we had together to hear the Lord about which publisher she was to go with. When she got a download from God and said it out loud, I was able to lift my notebook and show her the EXACT words God had given me to write 15 minutes prior! It was a fun and exciting journey with this powerful woman, hearing God for every single bit of this path.

Witnessing the raw manuscript, I was touched by the genuine love Amy holds for others. Her dedication to transparency and authenticity shone through, as she skillfully guided her readers toward hope. Each meeting with her showcased her relentless commitment and impressive presence.

Reflecting on this journey with Amy, I am deeply honored and thrilled to have been a part of her story.


Why You Should Read Amy's Story:

Her wisdom and integrity were evident as she meticulously sought God’s guidance at each step of her writing process.

In the Arrow’s Edge community, we cherish and support each other’s successes.

Amy Bridges writes: “You are not just another face in the crowd. The creator of your heart sees you and loves you deeply. There is hope for your future if you simply don’t give up. YOUR LIFE MATTERS! Healing is an imperfect, lifelong journey, but it’s absolutely worth it.”

Let her words inspire you as they have inspired many, reminding us of the profound impact of feeling recognized and valued.


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