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Rebecca Oblak

Founder, CEO, Life, and Leadership Coach


“ Everything is an opportunity. When you win it’s an opportunity to celebrate. When you fail it’s an opportunity to learn” - Rebecca Oblak


Rebecca Oblak is a sought-after leadership trainer, certified leadership coach, ordained minister, and conference speaker. She helps ambitious Christians who have been given a big vision, to uncover what might be holding them back and the fears they have around stepping fully into their authentic self (in business, ministry, relationships and health) and being at peace with the plan and the purpose He created you (and you alone) for. 

She is the founder of Arrow’s Edge coaching as well as the senior leader and founder of Ignite Church and Ignite Global. She is also a loving, faithful mother of 2 young ladies who are extraordinary in every way.


Arrow’s edge coaching is the culmination of her experience, including 25 years in a ministry environment and ten years of leadership coaching, equipping people just like you. She is passionate about growing in relationship with Jesus, challenging limiting belief systems to align with the truth and freedom He brings. Driven by her desire to see people fulfill their purpose and destiny, she loves to help Christians seeking impact and legacy to grow into the powerful and influential people they were created to be. And as a passionate, love-filled business leader and mother, she understands the importance of creating balance in life. 


Hi, I’m Rebecca, and this is the story of my professional journey:


While serving in church leadership I found that pastoral counseling wasn’t nearly as effective as it could be. I knew there had to be a better way to create a permanent, higher-level impact on people’s lives. When I discovered leadership coaching, I knew it was what my heart was yearning for! Soon an opportunity surfaced to join an impactful coaching class with other church staff. Right away, the trainers told me I was naturally gifted at coaching, plus I found it so FUN and effective! Happily, I continued on to work with Coach Approach ministries to obtain my Christian leadership coaching certification (CCLC), followed by a second certification as a Life Coach.


In my coaching, I learned that self-discovery occurs at a far deeper level of learning than how ministry environments typically approach it. There is something so beautiful about how God gently leads each person into what they are looking for, instead of traditional approaches where leaders simply give the answers.


When starting a church from scratch, I was asking God for a system, a plan that would  uplevel everyone in the process. A few short years later, He handed me the blueprint and the system to bring this plan to life. So what is that blueprint, you ask? It’s a combination of coaching along with prophetic ministry, prophetic activation (hearing God’s voice is essential to life!) and inner healing that has consistently led people to incredible long-term results!


Why does it work? It’s because we address the whole person: physically, emotionally, and spiritually. All of these areas overlap and directly affect one other. Often, others just address one aspect of the person and think it will produce results. And it does… Yet we have found the greatest long-term results as we address the whole person. 


While on this journey, I felt Holy Spirit drawing my heart to a new adventure, something that could release me into my zone of grace, doing what I do best. And Arrow’s Edge coaching is the culmination of this journey, now serving a wider array of people than possible in my local church.


What I do for my clients through Arrow’s Edge Coaching is lead them on adventures of their choice, sharpening and up-leveling their lives as they hear from God. The beautiful part is how it leverages my experience as the senior leader of a church far beyond the limits of 4 walls! I build a partnership with my clients where we go on priceless adventures to discover a better future, meeting the personalized goals of each client. 


Join the Arrow's Edge Coaching Program today and start down the trail of transformation! You’ve got this!

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